RV Friendly

Bruce Rock

Bruce Rock Caravan Park

An RV (Recreation Vehicle) waste disposal facility is available at the Caravan Park.

Free 48 hour parking is available for fully self-contained RV’s across from the Caravan Park located on Dunstall Street, Bruce Rock.


Casual Parking: (near retail centre) Johnson St
Short Term Parking:Walton St Parking Bay, 48hrs, nil charge
Dump Point: Walton St Parking Bay
Potable Water:  O’Shea Place (Corrigin Recreational & Events Centre), 55 Larke Cres
Visitor Information: Corrigin Community Resource Centre, Johnson St, Phone +61 8 9061 1377


RV Friendly, opposite the Kondinin Town Hall along James Street, Kondinin


Make Kulin your base! Kulin is a fantastic spot for travellers to stop and explore. As an RV (Recreation Vehicle) Friendly Town, Kulin proudly provides amenities and services including townsite parking, access to potable water and a free dump point. Free 72 Hour Parking is available for fully self-contained RV's in the new Discovery Zone with in the Kulin townsite. The area is located on Johnston Street, at the back of the public toilets (between the railway line and Johnston Street). Please note: Camping is only permitted at Jilakin Rock and at the Kulin Bush Races Track during Kulin Bush Races time - typically the first weekend of October every year.

Download the Discovery Zone & 72 hour RV Parking Map Here

Lake Grace

Lake Grace is an RV Friendly town with an RV waste disposal facility available near the Lake Grace Sports Precinct and Skate Park, entry is off Stubbs Street.


Newdegate offers an RV waste disposal facility, behind the public toilets off Maley Street, Newdegate.


The Chicken Ranch in Varley is an RV Friendly destination with an RV waste disposal facility available behind the public toilets on Seward Ave, Varley.


Narembeen Caravan Parks & Cabins

An RV (Recreation Vehicle) waste disposal facility is available at the Caravan Park.


Quairading Caravan Park

The newly refurbished Quairading Caravan Park features drive through parking spaces for RVs. The RV (Recreation Vehicle) dump point is located by the Info Bay near BP Roadhouse. Contact Shire of Quairading on 9645 2400 or shire@quairading.wa.gov.au to make a booking. For after-hours Caravan Park, Cabin or Cottage enquiries please contact 0438 213 042.